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Barcelonas Kreative – Ihre Wohnungen, Lofts, Studios

Illustrated book, 240 pages, about 300 photos, spotlights 26 persons in the creative sphere of Barcelona
Author: Katleen Arthen
Photographer: Ralph Baiker
Graphic: Astrid Stavro
Publisher: DVA Random House
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Barcelona stands for inovative and state of the art design being the domicile of renowned and celebrated names in this sphere of creativity. Who is the accomplishing force behind this development? Who are these persons? What is their vision of good design and how does it echo in the interior of their private homes? We were about to explore their life- and working spaces and encounter their ideas and reflections on the city they live in.
This book offers a rare glimpse behind the closed doors and gives an exclusive insight into the multifaceted residential and working worlds of Barcelona`s creative professionals, amongst others apartamento, Isabel Coixet, Benedetta Tagliabue, Antoni Arola, Josep Abril, etc